Solis Energy Storage Solutions Captivates Kenyans
05 Jul 2024

Ginlong (Solis) (Stock code: 300763.S.Z), a leading and experienced inverter manufacturer, made a significant impact at the 9th Solar Africa Exhibition in Nairobi with the debut of its 6th generation string inverters.

Solar installers across Africa often face challenges in sourcing appropriate technologies to meet consumer energy needs. These challenges include the acquisition of renewable energy components such as solar panels, inverters, and other accessories, as well as limited access to comprehensive product information.

Solis, a global leader in solar and energy storage solutions, is dedicated to addressing these challenges by providing innovative solutions that not only meet energy needs but also significantly reduce carbon footprints. At the Nairobi exhibition, Solis showcased its cutting-edge energy storage solutions designed for a variety of applications. Highlighted products included:

  • S6-EH1P(3-8)K-L-PLUS: Designed for seamless integration into residential PV energy storage systems.
  • S6-EO1P(4-5)K-48: Ideal for off-grid areas or locations with frequent power outages.
  • S6-EH3P50K-H: Engineered to ensure business continuity and resilience.

In today’s sustainability-driven era, Solis offers solutions that blend efficiency with eco-friendliness for residential, commercial, and utility-scale energy needs. The company’s commitment to reliability, safety, and capacity positions it at the forefront of delivering advanced energy solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and environmental responsibility.

“Solis remains dedicated to our mission of developing technology to power the world with clean energy. By offering state-of-the-art solar inverters tailored to the African market, we aim to play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and fostering a greener, more sustainable future for the continent,” says Eric Zhang, Global Sales Director at Solis.

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About Solis:

Established in 2005 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300763. SZ), Ginlong (Solis) Technologies is the World’s 3rd Largest PV Inverter Manufacturer. The company provides cost-effective solutions for homes, businesses, and large-scale power plants, delivering value at every level of the solar supply chain. Combining a global supply chain with world-class R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Ginlong optimizes Solis inverters for each regional market, serving and supporting its customers with a team of local experts. The company aims to work with stakeholders to accelerate the world’s journey towards a more sustainable future.