Solar Picture of the Year
Alexandre Skander Allegue
for a beautiful picture highlighting the impact of lighting in the most remote areas
C&I Project of the Year
CrossBoundary Energy
For the Jabi Lake Mall project in Lagos, Nigeria
Utility Scale Project of the Year
Sterling & Wilson Solar
for the multi-projects 322 MW contribution to Egypt’s 1.6 GW Benban Solar Complex
Mini Grid Project of the Year
Africa GreenTec
for their productive-use based Mini-Grid projects in Mali, Niger and Senegal which are often subject to high security risks
Solar Home System Company of the Year
for achieving the target of reaching 100 million people with solar energy
Residential Project of the Year
Munyax Eco
for exceptional achievement in the field of Solar Water heaters having installed more than 1,000 units across Rwanda saving 8,000 tons of CO2 per year
African Solar Company of the Year
ANKA Madagascar
for securing 5 MW worth of mini-grids across Madagascar and for the company’s innovative AgriGrid model
African Solar SME of the Year
for reaching 80,000 Kenyans with Solar Home System solutions while achieving cash-flow break-even and profitability
African Solar SME of the Year
Solar Box Gabon
for developing the “Solar Cube” which doubles the production of traditional solar panels
Financial Advisor of the Year
Synergy Consulting Infrastructure and Financial Advisory Services
for their advisory services to cutting-edge large-scale projects across the continent such as the 2×50 MW tender in Botswana, the 32MW Djermaya project in Chad or the world’s first PV-CSP hybrid 200MW project in Egypt
Legal Advisor of the Year
for their contribution to the Open Solar Contracts with IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency, and the Terrawatt Initiative, providing open source standardized contracts to governments across the globe
Technical Advisor of the Year
for technical advisory to the Fekola Gold mine hybrid project in Mali, a first of its kind off-grid hybrid project composed of 36 MW of solar, 15.4 MWh of storage, saving 13 million litres of heavy fuel oil annually
DFI of the Year
African Development Bank
for establishing SEFA, the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa which has contributed among others First of its kind inventory finance facility for solar irrigation products in East Africa
Woman in Solar of the Year
Olaedo Osoka
CEO of Daystar Power Ghana, for leading the expansion of the company from Nigeria to Ghana, Togo and Senegal and realizing C&I projects of 8MW in this 2-years period… only at the age of 27!
Solar Innovation for the Year
for their work on the RevivED Water Innovation project, a solar-powered desalination and purification systems for brackish water based on electrodialysis technology providing up to 2000l of clean drinking per day
Solar video of the Year
African Minigrids
for a super inspiring and motivating video about electrifying a village in Malawi