Utility-scale project of the year
InfraCo Africa & JCM Power
The Golomoti 20MWac PV project
C&I solar project of the year
W. Giertsen Energy Solutions
The 1.7 MWp Solar Grid Tie system solution for the Tea and Flower Industry by W. Giertsen Energy Solutions
Mini-grid project of the year
The 2 solar-hybrid mini-grids of 338 kWp in Tadu and Faradje
SHS company of the year
ENGIE Energy Access
For its SHS business integration and MySol rebranding of 9 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa impacting more than 7M people in less than 2 years
Productive Use application of the year
Solektra Rwanda
The SunMoksha’s IoT and cloud based Smart AQUAnet’s system is designed to help small and marginal farmers operate a shared irrigation system/resource
Solar innovation of the year
The 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms reducing food waste by 80%
Video of the year
CrossBoundary Energy
Deal/Financing program of the year
The new $500M Gigaton Empowerment Fund
Solar entrepreneur/SME of the year
Its partnership with Allsolla to provide solar-powered computers that comes with 4 extra bulb and free network for the kakuma refugees camp
African solar company of the year
CrossBoundary Energy
Currently operating the largest portfolio of RE PPAs in Africa at ~120 MWp of solar generational capacity, ~40 MWh of storage capacity
Advisor / Consultant of the year
Harmattan Renewables
The Oya project, the biggest hybrid project (Solar and wind with battery) in Africa.
Picture of the year
Distributed Power Africa
Life-time achievement award
Manoj Sinha
CEO of Husk Power