The rise and rise of solar in Togo

Togo is a small country in West Africa that seldom makes the headlines of international news. But when it comes to solar, this country really stands out as amazing example for the promotion of solar as a solution to develop the country and bring cheap and reliable electricity to its population.

What is truly peculiar about Togo is not so much the absolute size of the different solar initiatives that are under way (the population amounts to only 8 million residents, not to be compared with the almost 200 million neighboring Nigerians). The most noteworthy aspect of solar in Togo is the wide diversity of solar initiatives currently being deployed across the country. The Government of Togo (GoT) has engaged into an aggressive program to provide solar through a multitude of solutions, adapted to the specific needs across the country.

You may download the status list of all initiatives under way as of February 2020 below.