Energy Storage Solutions e-Conference 2023

Solar energy and storage are growingly interlinked in the African context. Thanks to technological improvements and a sharp reduction in prices, the combination of both solutions are now getting more and more interest from individuals and companies looking for cheap and reliable electricity throughout the continent.

Energy storage solutions are evolving fast and it is sometimes difficult to keep track with all latest developments in this exciting industry. This e-conference aims at bringing together the best experts of the industry to provide a full overview of the latest updates on energy storage. It will also offer an opportunity to showcase their most innovative solutions and projects, so stakeholders from all over Africa will learn what solutions are available and deliver results, even in the most demanding environments.

During this webinar, We had the pleasure to welcome our distinguished

Event Partners: 

Titus Koech – Technical Service Manager at Jinko Solar
Sammy Waite – BD Manager at Chloride Exide
Anré Swart – Business Development Exec – BlueNova
Carl Kies – Chief Technical Officer – BlueNova

Event Speakers:  

Nuno Gomes – Vice President of ASAER
Moeketsi Thobela – Chief RE Investment Specialist at African Development Bank Group
Julia WANG – CEO of Seetek Power
Erik Nygard – Founder & CEO of Kofa
jean-philippe SEYA – Senior Project Development Manager at CrossBoundary
M Jibril Omar – CEO of OFGEN
Elena García Ortiz – Project Manager at UL Solutions
Gilles Parmentier – CEO of Africa REN
Mawufemo Modjinou, Ph.D. – Project Coordinator at WAPP
Shane Marcelo Prins – Generation Development and Municipal Energy Efficiency Manager- City of Cape Town
Hiten Parmar – Strategic Advisor at South Africa Energy Storage Association(SAESA)
Mark Wopicho – Chief Technical Officer – Empower New Energy

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