AFSIA Green Hydrogen in Africa e-conference

Hydrogen has already been used in industrial applications for many years, but there is now an opportunity to produce this hydrogen with very-low or totally carbon-free energy sources thanks to solar and wind energy.  Thanks to cheap renewable energy, experts forecast the cost of hydrogen production falling from $6/kg in 2015 to around $2/kg by 2025.

As a result, green hydrogen has become the hot topic for industrial activity and decarbonization around the globe.

Some African countries are ideally positioned to take part in the global race to produce the cheapest green hydrogen. Several landmark projects have already been announced and started across the continent. Moreover, Africa is in a special position where it could benefit twice from green hydrogen: on one hand it could become a major global production hub for export, and the other hand green hydrogen could also be used for local production of green ammonia and green fertilizers which the continent is currently importing in mass quantities.

This year’s e-conference attracted more than 2,500 participants, eager to hear about the latest technology, project updates and the players who are positioning on this very promising industry.