Africa Energy Start-Ups Series: Made in Africa, for Africa

The “Africa Energy Start-Ups Series” is a collaboration between AFSIA and Start-Up | Energy which features innovative African start-ups every 2 months on a multitude of topics such as e-mobility, storage, fintech and productive use to cite a few. The spirit of this series is to promote African start-ups, for Africans by Africans and to present how innovative they are to potential partners and investors coming from the rest of the world.

This time we are thrilled to show that the African continent has huge resources to manufacture qualitative equipment locally. Solar components “Made in Africa” are way less known than their imported competitors. In the political context that we all know, there is a new incentive to produce locally and not depend on expensive imports. This new parameter has several implications. Of course economical but also from a building capacity, local content and many other perspectives.

During this webinar, we are asking several start-ups to showcase their “Made in Africa” equipment and have the opportunity to highlight their competences with solar panels, solar kits, batteries, and inverters to name a few.

We will have the pleasure to welcome our distinguished guests from:

  • Gareth Burley, Sales & Marketing Manager, Microcare
  • Arnaud Chabanne, Head, Lagazel
  • Norah Magero, Founder, DropAccess
  • Romain Petiteau, Head of Energy & Charging Systems, Roam
  • Llyord Mwaniki Gitau, Co – Founder, Product Development, Zuhura Solutions