LONGi Presents its Green Power + Green Hydrogen Solutions in Algiers to Drive Algeria’s Green Energy Transformation
08 Jul 2024

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On July 3 2024, the roundtable forum on ‘LONGi’s Advanced Green Power + Green Hydrogen Solutions for Algeria’ was successfully held in Algiers. James Jin, President of LONGi Middle East, Africa & Central Asia (MEA&CA), attended the event and participated in the on-site discussion.

Algeria is rich in sunlight resources, especially in the southern desert region, with an average annual sunshine duration of more than 2,000 hours, and up to 3,900 hours in some areas such as the highlands and the Sahara. This vast potential for solar energy development translates to an estimated annual power generation potential of 14TWh. The local government has set a target of 15GW of renewable electricity capacity by 2035, which is expected to account for about 27% of the country’s total installed electricity capacity, with solar power playing a major role. Consequently, Algeria’s new energy market is expected to experience an accelerated development boom in the coming years.