Jo Dean
South Africa

Jo has 18 years experience in design and construction of process and flow control plants in the Mining Sector. In 2000, inspired by Attenborough; Bloomberg; Ban Ki Moon and, Figueres and her intrinsic need to make a difference to the world she joined the Chamber of Commerce overseeing government relationships and LED development, while furthering her studies in environmental engineering, specialising in waste, water and energy disciplines coupled to Carbon Reduction Project Development (Illinois and GHG Protocol). Armed with “practical knowledge” the once “wannabe activist” evolved into a strategist in developing carbon reduction projects in the waste and energy spaces. She is currently driving 518 RE MW project development mainly in South Africa and the SADC.

Her belief: “the rationale underlying the nascent endeavor of a green economy for developing countries, is that the market SHOULD become the vehicle for tackling the environmental crises of climate change, and that Africa can and will make a quantum leap as opposed to the “trapped” Annex 1 world powers that cannot due to their historical industrial choices made.”