ACERD asbl and AMDA announce collaboration to expand access to energy in the DRC through mini-grids and decentralized services
22 May 2024
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The Congolese Association for Renewable and Decentralized Energy (ACERD asbl) and the Association of Mini-Grid Developers in Africa (AMDA) The Association of Mini-Grid Developers in Africa (AMDA) announced a collaboration aimed at bridging the energy access gap through mini-grids and decentralized services in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

ACERD asbl and AMDA plan to work jointly to ensure the development, financing and rapid deployment of mini-grids to electrify unserved and underserved rural areas in the DRC. More specifically, the organizations seek to promote the development of policies, regulations, standards and guidelines that are beneficial and conducive to the growth of the mini-grid sector.

The collaboration aims to facilitate in-depth research highlighting opportunities and key obstacles in project implementation, with the aim of sharing knowledge, data and information related to mini-grid electrification, including data on energy demand and infrastructure requirements, and to disseminate information to stakeholders, policy makers and the public.

ACERD asbl is delighted to count AMDA as a legitimate partner for the regulatory and policy framework for mini-grids in the DRC. “ Being recognized in a partnership with AMDA shows how important it is to diligently secure the path for the emergence of mini-grids and the development of the energy sector in the DRC ,” said Catherine Mukobo, CEO of ACERD asbl.

“ AMDA is pleased to collaborate with ACERD asbl to advocate for an optimal policy and regulatory framework that will benefit the mini-grid sector and the populations it serves ,” said Olamide Niyi-Afuye, CEO of AMDA. “ We will work with all stakeholders to unlock the right mix of financing to grow the mini-grid sector in the DRC and standardize indicators to measure the sector’s progress and make informed decisions based on evidence and research .”

The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to 99 million people. The electricity sector is characterized by low electrification rates, with only around 20.8% of the Congolese population having access to electricity in 2020 according to World Bank data, highlighting the urgent need for a increasing electricity production and distribution to increase access to universal electrification. Most of the country is not covered by the national grid and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future, due to the country’s size, limited network reach, and limited investment in transmission.

About ACERD asbl

The Congolese Association for Renewable and Decentralized Energy (ACERD asbl) is an independent non-profit organization that promotes the renewable energy industry in the DRC.

It is made up of various local, regional and international companies and organizations, most of which are key players in the development of renewable and decentralized energy in the DRC.

Its main role is to promote sustainable development solutions and techniques through the products and services that make up the activities of the members of the Association; but also, to become the flagship association in the renewable and decentralized energy industry in order to create viable and sustainable markets, by promoting respect for norms and standards and advocating for policies and a regulatory framework for the sector in general.


Congolese Association for Renewable and Decentralized Energy (ACERD asbl)

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About AMDA

The African Mini-Grid Developers Association (AMDA) is an industry association established by private sector mini-grid developers and development partners interested in improving policy and financial environments for mini-grid companies. networks in Africa. AMDA serves as a consolidated voice for mini-grid developers to accelerate their path to scale and sustainability to achieve universal access to sustainable, reliable, affordable and modern energy in Africa. To date, AMDA has 44 member companies operating in 22 countries across Africa.

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