Trina Solar Brings Cutting Edge Technology to African Market with High-Performance Vertex Modules
19 Dec 2022


  • Appoints Taqa as Local Authorized Distributor in Sudan
  • Partnership Will Address the Fast-Growing Demand for Solar Energy in Sudan and Africa
  • Continues to Bring Cutting Edge Technology and Innovation to the Region


Dubai, UAE – 19 December, 2022 –  Trina Solar Co., Ltd., a world leading PV and smart energy total solution provider, has announced today the appointment of Taqa, its local authorized distributor in Sudan. The move comes as a step towards the company’s overarching expansion plan seeking to grow ambitiously and bringing cutting edge technology into the African continent.

The new partnership with Taqa solidifies Trina Solar’s commitment to further stamp its footprint and operations in Africa to cater to the fast-growing demand for solar energy in generating power serving mainly the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Antonio Jimenez, Managing Director and Vice President for Trina Solar MEA, stated: “We at Trina Solar, are glad to be partnering with local authorized distributor, Taqa to implement solar energy projects catering to the needs of customers and fulfil demand in the local growing and nascent market. Sudan is a strategic market for solar energy consumption. This new partnership with Taqa will help pave the way to establish more solar projects in the country.”

Hussan Mohamed Merghani Alrofai, Managing Director of Taqa Engineering Solutions Co. Ltd, stated: “Within the new collaboration with Trina Solar, Taqa aims to implement state-of-the-art solar energy projects in Sudan, augmenting the nation’s energy capabilities and powering the wheels of economic development. Trina Solar is a leading name in the solar power industry and we have faith that the new partnership with them will further contribute to the development of the fast-growing need for solar energy consumption in the country and continent at large.”

Sudan’s strategic location as part of the sub-Saharan desert in Africa offers tremendous solar potential. The typical desert climate has infrequent annual rainfall and the average temperature ranges from 28 to 39°C with average solar insolation of 6.1 kWh/m2/day, indicating a high potential for solar energy use.*

As we drive our growth plan in the Middle East and Africa, we look forward to becoming a key player in the solar energy market in Africa by focusing on bringing cutting edge technology and innovation to the region with reliable products of the highest quality standards, coupled with unparalleled customer-centric service”, added Jimenez.

Trina Solar currently has over 120GW of module shipments worldwide and is also proudly responsible for setting 25 world records for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power output till date.

*: Power in Sudan: Challenges and opportunities – Clean Energy 4 Africa

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