The Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons visits the hybrid construction sites in the SAVA region
15 Nov 2021

SAVA, OCTOBER 29 and 30, 2021: As part of the trip by a presidential delegation in the region, the Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons, Andry Heriniaina Ramaroson, visited the construction sites of hybrid PV and thermal power plants, in Vohémar, Antalaha and Sambava. These plants are being developed, built and will soon be operated by Green Energy Solutions (GES), a subsidiary of the GREENYELLOW and AXIAN groups.

The Minister was welcomed by the CEO of AXIAN Energy, Benjamin Memmi, and the Managing Director of GES, Christian Cachat, and was able to carry out detailed visits of these sites and witness the progress of the work. The plants are expected to be commissioned by the end of 2021. The visits took place in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JIRAMA, Solo Andriamanampisoa and his Deputy CEOl in charge of Operations, Hery Tiana Rabarison. JIRAMA will ensure the distribution of the energy produced and will make it available to everyone in each town.

In Madagascar, the rate of access to electricity is about 15%, including 5% in rural areas. In order to contribute to the completion of Velirano no.2, under the President of the Republic of Madagascar’s “Hazavana ho an’ny rehetra” platform, GES, through long-term purchase contracts with JIRAMA, is committed to providing cleaner energy while ensuring the continuity of public service in electricity for the cities it serves.

These three hybrid power plants are the result of a collaboration between JIRAMA and the company Green Energy Solutions, under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Hydrocarbons. With an installed capacity of 4.7 MWp, they will integrate energy storage technologies within one year, to allow for an increase in PV installations. Thanks to these installations, JIRAMA will reduce its production costs while making the energy supply in these regions more reliable.

Beyond the cities of SAVA, the same project is taking shape in other localities such as Morondava, where a project with a capacity of 1.4 MWp is adding a 40km 20kV transmission line to Mahabo, interconnecting the two cities and providing access to energy for the populations along this new power line. GES has invested $16 million in these four projects in 2021.

“GES is proud to collaborate with the Madagascar government to deploy tomorrow’s energy solutions and drive sustainable, clean development,” said Christian Cachat, Managing Director of Green Energy Solutions.

GES is a joint venture between GREENYELLOW and the AXIAN Group.
Created in 2017, GES accompanies Madagascar’s energy transition and is committed to deploying, as a leading player, the most efficient energy technologies and services for the benefit of the country’s population and its private and public economic actors:
– Public sector: GES operates under concessions granted by the Madagascar government to provide cleaner, more reliable, more affordable energy solutions to cities.
– Private sector: GES develops reliable, innovative turnkey energy solutions to enable companies to optimize their activities and accelerate their energy transformation.

GES offers an IPP (Independent Power Producer) or EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) model and takes care of the various phases of the project from development, construction and financing to the operation of the facilities, offering its customers a comprehensive energy service.

In 14 years, GreenYellow has become a major player in the international energy market and a true energy partner for businesses and government agencies.

As an expert in solar photovoltaic production, energy efficiency solutions, and energy services, GreenYellow offers its customers a platform of technical and financial solutions to make their energy transition a beneficial, concrete reality.

The company currently has more than 335MW of installed capacity and operates more than 2,600 energy performance contracts worldwide, generating 84.5 million in annual savings.

GreenYellow is constantly improving its solutions through innovation, in order to meet the needs of public and private players and to help them reduce their ecological footprint.

AXIAN is a pan-African group specializing in 5 business sectors with high growth potential: Real estate, telecoms, financial services, energy and innovation. AXIAN is present in 7 countries of the Indian Ocean and African mainland and acts as a partner in the socio-economic transformation of the countries in which it operates.

Together with our 5,000 bold and passionate employees, we are rigorously ensuring that our activities have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of millions of Africans across all our business areas.

The AXIAN Group is a member of the United Nations Global Compact initiative and is committed to integrating its 10 principles into its current and future strategies and activities.
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