Solar water pump installation in Makeni district, Sierra Leone by Aptech Africa
26 Jun 2023


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Aptech Africa recently supplied, installed and commissioned a solar water pump system in Makeni district in Sierra Leone in a project funded by World Hope International.

The installation works included;

Ground mounting 6 Soleil power solar panels of 330W near the water source to minimize power losses using aluminum ground mounting structures.

Installation of a Grundfos SQFlex2.5-2 solar water pump and its GRUNDFOS SQFlex CU 200 control unit.

The system installed operates automatically, eliminating a constant need for human intervention. It incorporated advanced features such as dry run protection, where the pump will automatically stop if the borehole is running dry, and additionally, the system was designed to cease operation automatically when the storage tank reaches its full capacity. These automatic safeguards will ensure the system remains efficient and reliable in operation while minimizing the risk of damage or wastage.

This system is estimated to benefit more than 1500 people within the community of Mara Chiefdom and hospital.