Showcase – Trina Solar – improving BOS and LCOE with high power panels for MG and C&I projects
04 Mar 2021

Many solar installers and MG developers have a habit of opting for low power modules, sometimes less than 350Wp.

But recent technology innovation now makes it possible to use panels of 450Wp and above, and generate significant savings on the overall project.

In this Showcase, you will learn about finding the right balance between Quantity and Quality.

Topics addressed include:

  • the importance of high power modules in Mini-Grid, Rooftop and C&I applications
  • how to optimize the LCOE and BOS costs in module application
  • why to prefer “energy yield” over “number of panels” in installations: Quality vs. Quantity
  • how high power modules will help you reduce logistics costs

Download the presentation AFSIA Showcase – High power modules with Trina Solar – full deck or watch the session again here