LONGi introduces its new Hi-MO 6 modules to the MEA&CA DG Market
17 Nov 2022

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LONGi launched the Hi-MO 6 in Dubai, its first module designed exclusively for the global distributed consumer market. Using LONGi’s high-efficiency HPBC cell technology, Hi-MO 6 achieves a maximum efficiency of 22.8% in mass production. Designed to meet the needs of diverse clients, the Hi-MO 6 offers superior efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.

The MENA energy market is one of the world’s biggest energy markets, and LONGi understands this role.

At the Caesars Palace in Dubai, LONGi hosted leaders, major companies’ representatives, and EPC from the renewable energy sector in the Middle East area, as also the key partners from Central Asia and Africa and presented the new Hi-MO 6 series.

Jia Chao, President of LONGi MEA&CA Region, said at the launch event, “LONGi believes that we must always adhere to customer value as the centre, and use stable and reliable, leading technology product solutions to meet full scenarios requirements. Reliability is the source of value. Only with stability can we go far. We would like to deliver the power and beauty of LONGi’s new generation to those who need them.”

HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact) is a new generation of high-efficiency solar cell technology that is unique in its front-side busbar-free design. HPBC cell technology can improve the cell’s light absorption and photoelectric conversion capabilities by adjusting the cell’s internal structure and can thus effectively increase the module’s output power. Modules equipped with HPBC cell technology can generate a greater volume of energy under high-temperature and low-irradiation conditions and have superior power degradation performance. In global power generation simulations, Hi-MO 6 modules have demonstrated a significant power generation advantage over PERC products with an average power generation increase of up to 10% in typical scenarios.