General Manager – EPC – kairouan,Tunisia
18 Apr 2024
North Africa
AMEA Power

Drive the Project lifecycle from Limited Notice to Proceed (LNTP) to Commercial Operation Date.

Review, understand, interpret and manage the Project’s agreements (such as PPA, NCC, EPC, O&M, OE, IE, MSA, etc.), consulting agreements, special licensing and other agreements that are relevant to the construction of the power plant.

Manage, plan, organize, coordinate and control the Project implementation process, and be responsible for achieving the contractual Project’s targets.

Responsible to ensure the Project is executed properly in terms of quality, schedule, and budget, in line with the EPC Contract and the Project’s requirements in general, and the Good Engineering and Constructions Practices, without lost time incidents, severe injuries and/or fatalities.

To ensure the EPC Contractor implements health and safety and environmental measures on site in accordance with the Project’s requirements. Accountable for HSSE results of the Project construction.

Reporting the Project construction progress to the Board of Directors.

Establish, maintain and manage all daily interfaces, ensuring excellent relationship and communication with all the Project’s stakeholders (Off-taker, local authorities, fire brigade, power supplier, environmental authorities, etc., as applicable).

Communicate with utilities and authority having jurisdictions regarding interconnection, permitting, and other regulatory compliance issues.

Review and understanding of financing agreements in light of the obligations with respect to the construction of the Project.

Maintains a deep understanding of contracts, contracts policy, legal risk and liability, and company position on various matters.

Monitoring and reporting to the Board of Directors, the Project construction progress and anticipate/highlight potential issues that can arise and affect the Project construction, and propose solutions.

Prepare and issue Project progress reports and other required material to the Board of Directors.

Anticipate and identify, well in advance, likely problems/risks and proactively propose effective actions to avoid the occurrence of those risks or to mitigate any negative impact.

Responsible to evaluate, monitor and manage Project’s claims received from any stakeholder.

Ensuring the Project remains within scope, schedule, defined budgets and quality standards.

Responsible to analyze project progress and, when necessary, adapt scope, timelines and costs to ensure that the Project’s team adheres to the Project’s requirements.

Establish and maintain the necessary processes to manage the scope over the project lifecycle, setting Project’s quality and performance standards, and assessing and managing the risks.

Manage the Project’s budget with maximum efforts for cost reduction/optimization.

Responsible for contract negotiations, change orders, claims and other agreements with the EPC Contractor, with the support from the Project team, including the Contracts Manager.

Person Specification

Key Traits

The employee must display:

Accountability towards the overall results and performance of the department and toward specific tasks.

Initiative, drive and proactiveness towards each task.

Clear communication and organisation to promote efficient working dynamics within the department.

Collaborative nature and approach.

Good time management respecting deadlines, and the time of others.

Results driven.

Proactivity and creativity to identify areas of improvement and different solutions to problems.

Analytical mindset to understand complex models with multiple interactions of inputs and variables.

Qualifications & Experience

The employee must have the following qualifications & experience:

  • Bachelors degree from prestigious University or Master’s in Business Administration
  • At least 15 years’ experience and proven track record managing projects. Strong leadership attributes with project management skills, having a sound commercial understanding.
  • Experience in dealing with government, financial institutions, shareholders and local communities.
  • Good understanding of project’s documents, strategic planning, negotiating deals, EPC Contracts, general management, project financing and experience managing budget.

Required Skills

The employee must have the following skills:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation action implementation capabilities.
  • Commercial awareness/management of construction budget.
  • Project management capabilities.
  • Ability to work in a broad cultural spectrum.
  • Good negotiator.
  • Excellent written and oral communication

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