JinkoSolar and SGCC Signed a Partnership Agreement to Invest in Solar Energy for First Off-grid PV Project in Ethiopia
22 Jun 2021

Recently, JinkoSolar supplied 1MW of high-efficiency PV modules for SGCC first off-grid PV pilot project in Ethiopia. This project is the first off-grid PV project undertaken by SGCC overseas and the first off-grid PV project in East Africa. As the first demonstration project of the World Bank’s “Lighting Africa” program, it has extremely important strategic significance and demonstration effect, and has provided better electricity services to the African people.

This off-grid PV project in Ethiopia is owned by the Ethiopian Power Distribution Company and is funded by the World Bank. The project includes the design, supply, civil construction, installation and commissioning of the PV power stations in 4 villages and towns, as well as the operation and maintenance work for 6 months. 4 sites of the project from the first stage have been fully installed by April and operating now with JinkoSolar modules adding an important value in this process. In addition, SGCC just won the second stage bid as well, total of 7 sites, including 2.6MW using JinkoSolar high-efficiency modules.

As the world’s leading PV company, JinkoSolar continues to deepen its global deployment, and deliver PV energy to regions with weak energy structures. Even in the special period of the epidemic, JinkoSolar still commits to the global deployment of PV energy, and bring more efficient new energy solutions to areas with insufficient power resources. JinkoSolar has always been adhering to the corporate vision of “Revolutionize Our Energy Mix & Take Responsibility to Ensure A Sustainable Future.”, focusing on global energy needs, and committed to providing global customers with more comprehensive clean energy solutions.