11 Mar 2022

is an electronic device that turns DC voltage into AC voltage.

Types of Grid Connected Inverters:

Central inverter: is a type of inverter with high capacity; it is related to a string inverter. However, central inverter is a large and thousands of solar panels are connected to it in a very large utility scale installation.


Central Inverters: before connecting DC sources from renewable energy sources and storage devices to the utility grid, strings of DC sources are fed into one main central inverter which converts the power from AC into DC and feeds it into the utility grid.

String Inverters: is a device connected to solar array to convert direct current from solar panels into alternating current that is used in our homes and business or exported to the grid.

Micro Inverters: These inverters are also known as module inverters because each DC module is connected to each microinverter. The output of all inverters is combined and fed into the utility grid.


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