Execution of a borehole in Bobangui- Central African Republic
16 Feb 2024

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In the rural community of Bobangui in the Central African Republic, where access to clean water has long been a challenge, a transformative solution has emerged through the dedicated efforts of Aptech Africa bringing the promise of sustainable water access to its residents.

This project involved the construction of one (01) positive borehole at Bobangui. Prior to drilling, geophysical surveys of pre-selected points were carried out to identify potential water storage areas. Drilling was then followed by test pumping to confirm the aquifer’s properties and then propose a suitable pumping system.

The borehole was drilled to a depth of 60 m, and fitted with a Grundfos SQ2-70 electric pump with a capacity of 2m3 per hour and a power rating of 1.15kw, to supply a 5000l plastic tank mounted on a metal water tower (height: 3.5m).