Aptech Africa supplied, installed, and commissioned 32kWp of Solar PV for IRC in Sierra Leone
01 Dec 2022

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Aptech Africa recently supplied, installed and commissioned solar mini grid system for IRC Kono Office, Kono guest house and Kenema office. These systems have a roof-mounted 32kWp of solar PV with 57.7kWh of 200Ah Soleil Power lead acid battery storage in total.

The systems were fitted with nine 250/85A Victron MPPT charge controllers.

Each system has a 10kVA Victron inverter that has an online monitoring device (Venus GX) and collects information that includes total energy being generated, battery voltage, load power, as well as fault detection and alarm incase anything abnormal happens.

International Rescue Committee wanted to reduce carbon emission and decided to go solar and these three systems are benefiting over 20 people in each site installed.