Aptech Africa comissions a stand alone solar sytem for karene district council in Sierra Leone
11 Aug 2023


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Aptech Africa recently designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a stand-alone solar system at the Karene district council office in Sierra Leone.

The system has a carport mounted 15.84kWp of Soleil Power solar panels and 28.8kWh of battery storage of PylonTech Lithium-Ion batteries with three 8KVA Victron and one Fronius PV inverters, all high-quality products to ensure the system gives maximum efficiency to our client. The system has a remote monitoring system which provides information on energy generation, inverter, weather condition, loading.

Due to the lack of electricity in the area, the solar system will ensure a reliable supply of power and benefit the district as stable power supply increases productivity and motivation among the employees hence contributing greatly to economic growth both of the individuals and the country at large.

Positive social-economic and environmental benefits of these system.

Uninterrupted power supply to the offices as they are not connected to the grid.

Contribution to sustainable development through climate change mitigation achieved by use of clean energy from the sun rather than diesel generators that would otherwise increase the greenhouse gases.