Nominees for the AFSIA Solar Awards 2022 are announced!
01 Jun 2022

For this 3rd edition of the “Solar Awards”, AFSIA (The Africa Solar Industry Association) is pleased to announce the nominees in the 13 different categories. The high level and the number of applications show, once again, the vitality of the solar energy sector, which now attracts the biggest international players. Applications came from more than 20 different countries: a record for this competition.

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” The evaluation process has been very enlightening and fulfilling, learning about the achievements and outcomes of innovative and life-impacting projects in low and middle-income countries, for the purposes of sustainable, socio-economic development and growth. The AFSIA Solar Awards provides the perfect platform to recognize, confirm and show gratitude for great work being undertaken and accomplished in the renewable energy space,” said Anita Otubu, Head of the Project Management Unit of the NEP, REA Nigeria and a member of the Awards jury.

Discover the nominees:

Here are the nominees for each category. They were selected by a jury of professionals from across the solar energy sector in Africa. Rewarded for their professionalism, their innovation, their selflessness, their entrepreneurial spirit, and simply their excellence in the sector, AFSIA honors those who make the continent shine.

The winners will be announced during an exceptional event on June 23, 2022, at the Africa Energy Forum in Brussels.

Utility-Scale Solar Project of the Year:
• The 100MW Redstone CSP Project by ACWA Power (South Africa)
• The Golomoti 20MWac PV project by InfraCo Africa & JCM Power (Malawi)
• The Malindi Solar 52MWp plant by Globeleq Africa Limited (Kenya)

C&I Solar Project of the Year:
• The 13.5MW solar carport Ford Silverton Assembly Plant by SolarAfrica (South Africa)
• The 1.3 MWp solar power plant at one of the largest recyclers in Africa by Solarise Africa (South Africa)
• The 1.7 MWp Solar Grid Tie system solution for the Tea and Flower Industry by W. Giertsen Energy Solutions (Kenya)
• The 1.8 MWp rooftop solar plant at a top apparel maker in East Africa by Solarise Africa (Kenya)

Mini-grid Solar Project of the Year:
• The 50kWac with 150kWh battery storage MG by OnePower Lesotho
• The Gbangba mini-grid of 90kWp by ENGIE Energy Access (Nigeria)
• The 2 solar-hybrid mini-grids of 338 kWp in Tadu and Faradje by Nuru (RDC)

SHS company of the Year:
• ENGIE Energy Access for its SHS business integration and MySol rebranding of 9 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa impacting more than 7M people in less than 2 years
• Solar Panda growing its operations to 37 shops across Kenya, providing employment to nearly 1,000 Kenyans and bringing light to 1M Kenyans
• Ignite Power adding 200,000 more connections since last year and collaborating with We Care Solar to electrify 60 clinics

Productive use application of the Year:
• The Ignite Spring project, a YAHOPROC Cooperative that deployed 3 solar irrigation pumps to a farm by Ignite Power
• The SunMoksha’s IoT and cloud-based Smart AQUAnet’s system is designed to help small and marginal farmers operate a shared irrigation system/resource by Solektra Rwanda
• The Wote Solar Water Farm in Wote, Kenya that has created about 15,000 liters of drinking water per day by GivePower 

African Solar Company of the Year:
• Solarise Africa currently having 23 projects installed in Africa and 64% of their total footprint being commissioned since June last year alone.
• Solar Sister investing in women’s clean energy businesses in off-grid communities in Africa with 6,800 Solar Sister Entrepreneurs to date
• CrossBoundary Energy currently operating the largest portfolio of RE PPAs in Africa at ~120 MWp of solar generational capacity, ~40 MWh of storage capacity.

African solar entrepreneur/SME of the year:
• USAFI GREEN ENERGY for its partnership with Allsolla to provide solar-powered computers that comes with 4 extra bulb and free network for the kakuma refugees camp
• Solakilimo Solutions providing temperature-controlled supply chain and logistics solutions for cold units for farmers
• SOS Energie Burkina for several achievements of which the sale of 2,500 solar smart kits

Advisor / Consultant of the year (Financial/Legal/Technical):
• Harmattan Renewables for the Oya project, the biggest hybrid project (Solar and wind with battery) in Africa.
• Synergy Consulting Infrastructure and Financial Advisory Services Inc. for several projects including TotalEnergies for first-ever solar PV tender in Mozambique
• ED Platform for providing advisory to all bidding rounds from BW1 through to BW5 with a total of 124 ED compliant bids submitted in the REIPPP in South Africa.

Deal/Financing program of the year:
• The EDFI ElectriFI’ facility with EUR 79M being invested mainly in solar in Africa by EDFI ElectriFI
• The £10M “Charm Impact Bond” by Charm Impact which already invested in 5 projects in Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania
• The new $500M Gigaton Empowerment Fund by SunFunder

Solar innovation of the year:
• The 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms reducing food waste by 80% by GreenBox
• The ImpactSite modular system for sustainable power generation, intelligent distribution and efficient use of electricity in rural areas by Africa GreenTec AG
• The verification app currently being used by 3,500 people working across 4 countries of operations and company HQ to verify SHS deployments in real-time by Ignite Power

Solar picture of the Year:
• Globeleq Africa Limited
• Distributed Power Africa
• Sosimple Energy

Solar video of the Year:
• CrossBoundary Energy
• Husk Power

Life-time achievement award:
• Aida and Torsten Schreiber founders of Africa GreenTec AG
• Manoj Sinha, CEO of Husk Power
• Dr Segun Adaju CEO of Consistent Energy Limited

Join us LIVE!

Winners will be unvealed during a live event on June 23, 2022, at Tours & Taxis in Brussels, organized in partnership with the Africa Energy Forum.