Sahele Tamiru Fekede
South Africa

Sahele is the Energy Access and Transitions Programme manager at the African Climate Foundation (ACF), which is the first African-led strategic climate change grant-making foundation on the continent that works to identify strategic opportunities to support adaptation, resilience, and mitigation initiatives and to unlock new opportunities for sustainable development in Africa. Before joining ACF, Sahele was a Senior Power Engineer at the African Development Bank’s Ethiopia office, where he managed the bank’s energy portfolio of projects in Ethiopia, worked on structuring of new energy projects and provided technical support on policy in the energy sector and other areas relevant to energy, environment and climate change. He was also director for Energy Study and Development at the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy of Ethiopia, where he was responsible for national initiatives concerning energy sector policy, strategy and program formulation, initiatives shaped by a climate-resilient green economic development strategy and the need to secure access to sustainable energy for all. He had also worked at the national electricity regulator and the national electricity utility in Ethiopia in various capacities. He is an electrical engineer by training.