16 Mar 2022

is the delivery of electric energy from a PV power plant connected to an electrical grid to the electric load(house) through transmission lines or distribution system. When it comes to renewable energy, wheeling provides an elegant solution to buy a clean power at a more efficient rate than coal-based power. Essentially, wheeling allows your business to buy clean, private power whilst still supporting state utility.

Wheeling service contracts can be established between two or more systems.

Wheeling allows for an electricity generator such as a solar PV system to supply a direct off-taker via the grid.

Wheeling is the act of transporting energy from a generator to a remotely located end-user through an existing distribution or transmission system. It does not mean the electrons enter the transmission network at point A will be used at point B. It is, rather, the act of balancing the energy from a particular generator with the consumption by an end user, while hopefully also addressing system losses.

Here is a great video illustrating the concept of wheeling and its benefits: