Daystar Power commissions 800kWp solar power system for UAC Foods
30 Aug 2021

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Daystar Power, a leading provider of hybrid solar power solutions to businesses in West Africa, today announced that it commissioned a 800kWp solar power system for UAC Foods. Installed for UAC’s dairy subsidiary, the solar solution was fully integrated into its existing power setup.

UAC Foods, a division of the eponymous NSE-listed conglomerate, incorporated renewable energy into its power generation mix for both financial and sustainability reasons. By integrating solar energy into its power setup, UAC aimed to reduce its dependence on diesel generators and the grid and increase cost savings.

Since December 2020, diesel prices have jumped 40% from NGN 200 to 280 per litre while industrial electricity tariffs for industrials have risen by ~40%. Solar energy is a low-cost and reliable alternative — solar PV prices have fallen by 90% over the last ten years. In adopting solar energy, UAC Foods was also motivated to minimize its carbon footprint.