Solplanet is a brand of AISWEI. Also known as SMA’s Chinese subsidiary, AISWEI
has been manufacturing reliable, high-quality solar products for world renowned brands like SMA and Zeversolar since 2007.
Today, AISWEI is an independent solar research, development, and
manufacturing company that strives to bring solar to everybody by making it
accessible and simple to use. A recent equity restructuring has put AISWEI on a
particularly good footing within the solar manufacturing industry.
With Solplanet, you get innovative solar products that are easy-to-install, highly
reliable, extremely user-friendly and supported by our award-winning customer
service. From single-phase inverters for residential use, to three-phase highperformance inverters for commercial and industrial situations, and even EV
chargers, Solplanet’s product line contains simple to- use products that can help
to bring more sun into any home or business