World’s Leading PV Inverter and Tracker Brands to Launch Products Compatible with Trina Solar’s 210 Ultra High-Power Modules
02 Mar 2021

The world’s leading photovoltaic inverter brands have announced the market launch of inverters and trackers compatible with the 210 Ultra High-Power Modules, significantly promoting smooth chain collaboration in the industry and the reduction of Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), thus accelerating the pace of entering grid parity era.


The inverter companies approving compatibility with 210 modules are as follows:


Company NameBrand/Product TypeModule Compatibility Time of Approval
Huawei Digital Technology (Suzhou) Co. LtdSUN2000-196KTL-H3


210 modulesQ1, 2021

Q2, 2021

Sineng Electric Co LtdSP-250K-H210 modulesQ1, 2021
Sungrow Power Supply Co LtdSG3125HV-30




210 modulesQ1, 2021
SMASHP 150 & STP 110210 modulesQ1, 2021


GoodWe, Ginlong, Kstar and other inverter makers have also announced the availability of inverters compatible with the 210 Ultra High-Power Modules that can support them, and say they plan to launch new high-current inverters.


Furthermore, eight of the world’s leading photovoltaic tracker makers have successively issued compatibility approvals for 210 Ultra High-Power solar modules too, in recent months, the latest on February 3rd, 2021.


The tracker companies approving compatibility with 210 modules are as follows:

(Arranged in alphabetical order)


Company NameBrand/Product TypeModule Compatibility Time of Approval
Arctech Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.Skyline/Skysmart II210 modulesQ1, 2020
Array Technologies Inc.DuraTrack HZ v3210 modulesQ1, 2021
GameChange Solar LPGENIUS TRACKER™ 1P/ GENIUS TRACKER™ 2P210 modulesQ1, 2021
IDEEMATEC Deutschland GmbHH4PLUS210 modulesQ3, 2020
Nextracker Inc.Nextracker products210 modulesQ4, 2020
PV HARDWARE SOLUTIONS, S.L.UIndependent row Monoline™ (all its versions 1V, 3H and 2V); Multi-row: Axone™, Axone Duo™)210 modulesQ1, 2021
Trina Solar Co., Ltd.TrinaTracker (Vanguard™/Agile™)210 modulesQ2, 2020


Antonio Jimenez, Managing Director and Vice President, Trina Solar Middle East & Africa stated: “Early last year, Trina Solar announced the production of its modules with 210mm wafers, signaling a new era in the entire photovoltaic industry. According to the study released by DNV GL, PV modules based on 210mm cells managed to produce the best levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and deliver improved balance of system costs. The PV market today is moving towards 210mm modules, and inverter and tracker companies are joining manufacturers in standardizing 210mm product sizes.”


Centralized inverters and a string inverter have both passed market testing. The compatibility of the 210 inverters and modules could result in more value in the application process. Specifically, low-voltage, high-current modules can realize a longer string, thereby reducing the number of strings and the cost of PV DC cables, lowering LCOE, highlighting the power generation gain and cost advantages of high-power modules.


The full launch of inverters that support 210 modules underlines the environmental and technological interdependency of 210 Ultra High-Power Modules and the 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, both of which were initiated by Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider. The new inverters advance the application of 210 ultra-high power module products on the system side.


With regards to trackers, the tracker and module compatibility approvals from these global leaders in the tracker field demonstrate their recognition of the 210 modules’ high value and strong support in terms of comprehensive collaboration to facilitate the grid parity globally. On the other hand, the compatibility with ultra high-power modules will also raise the tracker’s system value and contribute to reducing costs in various scenarios.


All this brings new vitality to the entire photovoltaic industry. While pushing for advances in module technology and increasing power, supporting products such as inverters and tracking systems have also been fully upgraded to fit into the 600W+ era. The upstream and downstream collaboration mechanism of the industrial chain was thus formed.


As an important link in the photovoltaic industry chain, inverters and tracker systems have entered the 210 era, leading to more seamless collaboration, suggesting a more mature 210 industry chain and PV ecological system.




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