Who’s Who – Yvonne Zhao
06 May 2020

In the AFSIA’s “Who’s Who” series we ask a few questions to individuals who are shaping the industry. This month we ask Yvonne Zhao about her career and most notable moments in the solar industry.

  1. What is your role at your company and what does this entail?

My role is Global Marketing Manager. My responsibility is to maximize LONGi’s brand awareness and to gain market shares.

In doing so, I maintain regular communication with partners and staff for marketing purposes. Our company is rapidly growing across several regions, so I often assist our local sales teams in promoting the LONGi brand and informing our clients about new products and features.

  1. How did you start your journey in the solar industry?

I have been working in the IT industry for over 23 years and held multiple roles throughout my IT career. After all this time I wanted to explore something new and meaningful and the solar industry was a great fit. I wish to contribute to protecting our environment and helping more people engage into a low carbon lifestyle.

  1. If you could impact or change 1 thing in solar in Africa, what would that be?

Our company engaged in the RE100 initiative which consists of committing to using 100% of renewable energy for all our company’s power needs by 2028. I wish that more governments and companies around the world could make similar commitments to source more renewable energy for their respective needs.

I am also very attached to the United Nation’s SDG 7 which promotes access to affordable and clean energy. Our goal as a solar manufacturing company is to provide sufficient renewable energy products and services all over the world. With the all nations around the world being confronted with the COVID outbreak, electricity access is proving to be even more crucial than before to ensure health and safety for all.