Turnkey Solar PV Hybrid Mini- Grid For Mambasa- DRC
05 Feb 2024

Mambasa- DRC goes green and brings Sustainable Energy to the Community.

Subheading: Turnkey ground mounted Solar PV Hybrid system of 120kWp with a 225kWh battery energy storage and a distribution line for 350 users.

Mambasa- DRC is taking a major step towards a sustainable future with the completion of the Solar PV hybrid system by Aptech Africa Ltd. This project will generate sustainable clean energy, enough to power homes and businesses of the residents in Mambasa.

The system will work alongside HEP and a 72kVa generator which will be creating a cheaper alternative source of power for the residents of Mambasa. The system consists of Ulica solar modules, Alpha ESS inverter that will be used for monitoring purposes and Lithium-ion batteries. The system will benefit the residents from powering health care facilities to enabling continuous operations of small businesses.

Some challenges were experienced during the installation like high insecurity in some regions where the site was, poor roads to the site, strenuous customs clearance process for goods entering the country which led to the delayed delivery of materials to use, and damage of materials enroute to the site. However, these challenges were overcome.

Aptech Africa Ltd designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the system facilitating the initiative to promote the use of clean sustainable energy.