Trina Solar’s cumulative shipments of 210mm modules surpass 90 GW
08 Nov 2023

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Trina Solar has reported revenue of $11.58 billion (RMB 81.12 billion) in the first three quarters of 2023, 31.22 percent more than in the corresponding period last year. The company’s report, which was made public on October 27, also showed that Trina Solar continues to lead the industry with 45–46 GW module shipments, ranking second globally, and 5.6 GW tracker and fixed tilt rack deliveries for the first three quarters.

Trina Solar’s cumulative shipments of 210mm modules exceeded 90 GW as of Q3 2023, ranking first globally. By the end of October, cumulative shipments of Trina Solar’s 210R modules exceeded 15 GW. The company looks forward to continued growth thanks to its leading n-type TOPCon Advanced technology, Vertex N modules, vertical n-type capacity layout, and integrated PV and energy storage solutions.

In August, the company led the industry into the PV 7.0 era with the mass production of Vertex N 700 W modules. These have been used in many settings worldwide, including subsidence areas, seawater desalination plants, residential PV rooftops, and utility-scale power stations in high-altitude, low-temperature regions, giving new impetus to green development.