The counter intuitive path to cyber-secure infrastructure
02 Jul 2021

Op-ed by Svet Bajlekov, CEO of AMMP Technologies

It’s hard to miss the increasingly frequent and ferocious cyber-attacks on our infrastructure. To save me compiling yet another run-down recent of events, here’s the opening of a recent CNN piece on the topic:

“A major gas pipeline. Dozens of government agencies. A Florida city’s water supply. And now, one of the world’s top meat producers.
[…] Ransomware is not new. But there is a growing trend of hackers targeting critical infrastructure and physical business operations, which makes the attacks more lucrative for bad actors and more devastating for victims.”

The CNN article goes on:

“To make matters worse, many companies in those [ critical infrastructure sectors] haven’t historically thought of themselves as tech companies, meaning their systems may be less sophisticated and easier to compromise.”

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