STELLA Futura rolls out the largest Healthcare Facilities’ Energy Access Project in Ghana under its SAHS Initiative
06 Apr 2023

For Stella Futura and our implementing partners, the first CHAG (Christian Health Association of Ghana) Pilot Solar project marks a major milestone and success story in energy access to healthcare facilities in sub-Sahara Africa. The unique affordable contract model offers health facilities the ability to enjoy solar energy-as-a-service (including maintenance) with zero down-payment and make repayments in local currency funded by an innovative blend of equity, grants, and monetized solar energy generation (DRECs).

In partnership with Swedish company, Cake AB, Stella Futura’s energy access model also incorporates e-mobility that enables the safe and efficient cold chain vaccine distribution and other public health activities to doorsteps in remote village locations via the use of low maintenance cost electric motor bikes equipped with chiller boxes.

Stella Futura is proud to have joined the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani to mark the World Day of the Sick 2023 at St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital; located in the rural town of Drobo in the Bono Region of Ghana.

The significance of the day was underpinned by the inauguration of the first CHAG Hospital Pilot Solar project; a 104 kWp grid-tied solar PV system to provide clean, reliable, and affordable electricity with cost savings to the facility for sustainable healthcare delivery, especially maternal, pediatrics, and public health services.

Phenomenal impact of Stella Futura’s model

St. Mary’s Hospital is already seeing a 50% reduction in its diesel consumption with an average day-time solar coverage of 72%. Going forward, Cake’s electric bike will replace the existing fossil fuel bike for remote home visitations and vaccine dissemination. This project generated 25 local indirect jobs (inclusive of on-going maintenance) and was commissioned with 40% mix of female developers, engineers, and installers participation under Stella Futura’s “Women on the Roofs” initiative.

The partners who have made these impactful pilot projects possible are:

Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG), a large network of healthcare and training facilities

Catholic Diocese of Sunyani (Ghana) and its Health Services Directorate for taking the bold step with four (4) pilot healthcare facilities; all registered with the CHAG network.

Shell Foundation Grants, administered by Odyssey Energy.

Clean Captive Installations for Industrial Clients in Sub-Sahara Africa Grants, funded by United Nations Environment Programme, administered by Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance

CAKE bikes AB, e-mobility, donation Power Trust’s D-RECs initiative Power Africa/USAID, project support

Stella Futura will implement and commission three (3) additional CHAG pilot healthcare facilities within the Catholic Community by June 2023. The installation roll-out of the hospital electrification program will be managed within Stella Futura’s Women on the Roof program for women installers.

There are an additional 390 facilities under the CHAG network alone and numerous in the sub- region that stand to benefit from such an impactful proof-of-concept model.

How can actors and thought leaders in this space partner to scale energy access up? More to come.