Stand-alone solar sytem for falaba district Women network in Sierra Leone
29 Mar 2023

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Aptech recently supplied, installed and commissioned a stand-alone solar system at the Falaba District Women Network (FDWN) and (PwDs) Offices.

Two systems were installed, one for PwDs offices that consisted of a 3KVA inverter, and lithium-ion batteries of Polytech 3000c 7.1kWh, 2.97kWp of panels, and a Victron charge controller 150/45A.

The second, was a car-port mounted system installed for FDWN, it comprised of a Victron10KVA inverter, lithium-ion batteries of 21.3kWh, 3 charge controllers two 150/60A and one 150/45A, 6.93kWp of panels with a remote monitoring system to show the system performance

Falaba District Women Network is located in Mongo town, Falaba District in Sierra Leone.  It’s a non-profit organization that was established to contribute to address the numerous challenges that affect the lives of rural women and girls in Falaba district.

This location has no electricity and FDWN was facing challenges during trainings, income generating activities, civic education sessions and also running the office at large and this project will benefit over 1million vulnerable women, girls and disabled people.

Positive social-economic and environmental benefits of these system

  • Uninterrupted power supply to the FDWN and PwDs Offices from the solar systems installed, will help the vulnerable women and girls, the disabled carry on their trainings, education session and income generating activities hence improving their social and economic lives.
  • The systems will contribute to climate change mitigation through reduced greenhouse gases that would otherwise come from using diesel generator