Solarization of Six Public Institutions
31 Jan 2024

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Aptech Africa recently designed, supplied, installed and commissioned 4 solar hybrid systems and 2 solar compound/streetlighting systems in Kisenyi HCIV, Komamboga HCIII, Nakivubo Blue P/S and Nakasero Market. The systems are composed of 62.04kWp, 31.02kWp, 18.8kWp, and 16.92kWp solar panels with battery storages of 180Kwh, 77Kwh, 77Kwh, and 45Kwh respectively. A Deye hybrid inverter of 16Kw- single phase was used. The system has remote monitoring installed via the Deye solar monitoring portal that collects production data, consumption, battery SOC as well as alerts in case the system gets any fault. The systems will be working alongside Hydropower to ensure constant lighting.

The systems are located in Kampala at different locations that is: Kisenyi, Nakivubo, Nakasero, Kabalagala, and Komamboga districts, which were selected because they serve the public in different sections of health, economic, academic and skills development hence enhancing the growth of the communities. The systems will benefit the staff and patients in Kisenyi Health Centre IV, Primary school students and teachers of Nakivubo Primary Blue primary school, Nakasero market traders, patients and 111 staff of Komamboga Health Centre, and Skills institutions of Kabalagala. The system installed in Nakasero market will reduce the theft of the vendors’ merchandise, the health centres are lifesaving institutions that require a constant power supply, and the system at the school will ensure flexibility of reading at night.

The installed systems will enable a reduction in operating costs for all the institutions which will allow these institutions to allocate resources to improving patient care, expanding health services, and reinvesting in local businesses and infrastructure which contributes to the overall economic development of the community.