Solarisation of Health Care Facilities in Sierra Leone by Aptech Africa
27 Feb 2024

In the heart of Sierra Leone, where access to reliable electricity remains a challenge, Aptech Africa has stepped in to illuminate the path to better healthcare. With a visionary approach and a commitment to sustainable solutions, Aptech Africa has recently completed the installation of solar energy systems for five Rural Health Units (RHUs) in Sierra Leone, marking a significant stride towards bridging the healthcare gap in rural communities.

Aptech Africa Ltd supplied, installed and commissioned solar systems and internal wiring of 5 health Facilities (5PHUS) with 15kva solar powered in Koinadugu & Kailahun DHMT. For tows site each systems have a Roof Mounted 19.62KWp of solar PV with 545Wp Ulica Solar PV panels and 19.2kWh battery bank with 4.8 KWh Pylontech Li-ion battery storage in total with the focus of reducing carbon emissions and power supply for health care facilities in Koinadugu & Kailahun DHMT. The system also had monitoring software that would help to notify the beneficiaries in case of any problem with the system.

Beyond the immediate impact on healthcare delivery, Aptech Africa’s initiative represents a crucial step towards sustainable development in Sierra Leone. By leveraging renewable energy sources, they are not only addressing the pressing healthcare needs of these communities but also fostering economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social empowerment.