Solargis notes potential inaccuracies in tropical solar irradiance data
26 Oct 2023

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Solargis, a Slovakia-based solar data provider, claims that the difference between modeled solar irradiance and real measurements is more significant in tropical regions than in subtropical zones. It argues that enhancing ground-based measurement stations and forecasts can enhance data accuracy and accelerate PV project delivery.

Solargis said in a press release this week that “higher deviations” between satellite models and solar measurements in the tropics affect the “accuracy and reliability” of solar resource assessments and forecasts. It pointed to higher-quality assessments and on-the-ground solar measuring stations as potential solutions.

“Markets in the tropics have enormous opportunities for solar development,” said Solargis CEO Marcel Suri. “To realize this potential the industry must collaborate to improve the quality of resource assessments and solar forecasts by increasing the number and geographical distribution of solar measuring stations. We need to create confidence by delivering consistently excellent data to support project financing that underpins the significant growth potential of these regions.”