Solar for sustainable income in a dairy project
28 May 2024

Aptech Africa Ltd installed and commissioned a ground mounted hybrid solar system of 38.8kWp with a battery bank storage of 163.2kWh at a Dairy farm in Kiboga. The inverter technology used is a Victron Quattro 48V/15000VA a hybrid inverter that has two AC inputs and outputs also allowing an additional power source like generators to be connected whenever required. The entire system can be remotely monitored through the cerbo GX which is installed on site to communicate the Battery SOC, PV generated power, Generator supplied power as well as fault detection capability which assists in allowing early problem solving and preventing future damage to installed equipment.

Before the installation of the solar system, the generators would break down, which would affect the milk quality or spoiling the milk hence buyers rejecting it. However, with the availability of solar power, the farmers are able to chill the milk consistently throughout the day and milk quality is not affected.

The installation of the solar system has greatly reduced the over-dependence on the costly diesel generators that was costing them 40% of their revenue and saving up to 60ltrs of milk per day. This will increase the farmers’ revenue as well as their general well being and in the long run community development.

Aptech Africa Ltd designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the system facilitating the initiative to promote the use of clean sustainable energy. This system was installed in the provided amount of time and the farmers benefited from it as soon as it was completed.