Solar backup system of 10kW at the national elections authority offices in bangui, Central African Republic
06 Jul 2023

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Aptech Africa recently supplied, installed, and commissioned a 10 kW solar backup system with 57.6 kWh storage at the National Elections Authority (NEA) Bangui offices in the Central African Republic in a project funded by the UNDP.

The system is aimed to enable the NEA to achieve its objectives through its support program for the Central African government.  This system will help to power the equipment of the server room of the National Agency of Elections (ANE) headquarters by a continuous supply with a backup solar system.

This backup system project will have many advantages for the NEA:

It will make it possible to face the energy crisis that the country is currently experiencing (high-cost fuel and its unavailability, power grid load shedding, etc.),
and also, this installation will help contribute to climate change mitigation through clean energy rather than diesel generators.