The power of integrated software: Pulse

IT and digital solutions keep building a stronger role in day-to-day solar. From identifying solar irradiance potential, to designing systems to remote monitoring and management, IT is everywhere!

The rural electrification space is no stranger to digital solutions either. Leader SHS provider Bboxx has developed its own platform to integrate not only SHS data and interaction with its clients, but a multitude of utility services such as water, gas, telecom as well as insurance or financial services.

In this Showcase you will hear directly from Bboxx’s CTO Christopher Baker-Brian about the company’s very own Pulse platform and you will learn about the amazing range of possibilities offered by digital solutions which integrate all services provided by the next-generation utility in Africa.

During this Showcase we will get great insights from

Christopher Baker-Brian: Co-founder and Managing Director of products division at Bboxx