The benefits of solar thermal technology for industrial and residential use in Africa

It is estimated that 49% of the entire energy consumption globally is used for producing heat. But 75% of this heat is produced through burning fossil fuels.

Solar energy, when harvested through solar thermal technology (as opposed to the more famous solar photovoltaic), offers a compelling solution to address this need for heat while at the same time significantly reducing gas emissions.

Solar thermal technologies are not always well known. Very often people think this technology is limited to large CSP plants (concentrated solar power) in the north and south Africa. But industrial companies, as well as individuals, can also greatly benefit from solar thermal technologies.

In this webinar we will:

  • Discover how an individual houses can greatly save on their electricity bills by replacing electric water heaters with solar water heaters
  • Hear about the reasons why Iberafrica in Kenya decided to switch to solar thermal technologies and how it helps the company improve its operations and reduce OPEX
  • Understand the motivation of an international investor to build a solar thermal technology manufacturing plant in Botswana
  • Explain to listeners how they can benefit from solar thermal technologies, either directly at their homes or for their industrial activities

During this webinar you will get great insights from the following panelists:

  • Michelle Cross – Head of International Business Development at Planet SOAR
  • Pauline Dusabemariya – Coordinator at Munyax Eco
  • Troy Barrie – CTO at Ariya Finergy
  • Jeff Kimanthi – technical office Manager at Iberafrica