Solar for healthcare in Africa

14 months ago, many spotlights were turned towards the African healthcare sector and its terrible lack of electrification. Not being able to store and administer the COVID vaccine in Africa could deter all other global efforts in fighting the pandemic. Several programs were then launched to solve the issue of electrification at healthcare facilities and many experts had their opinion about what was the right way forward.

Fast-forward 14 months later, there are significantly less discussions and articles about electrifying the African healthcare infrastructure. But the problem persists and only a few healthcare facilities got access to electricity. Several emergency programs have disappeared as fast as they were announced and there still is an amazing work to be done to provide Africa with the most basic access to electricity and healthcare. But there are solutions, efficient, readily available and totally affordable! This webinar intends to highlight several initiatives and solutions which can significantly improve the access to electricity for the healthcare sector in Africa and deserve a lot more attention

In this webinar we will:

  • discuss how it could actually take only $50M to electrify half of Africa’s healthcare facilities to address the 2 major pain points of rural doctors
  • present a tool that helps public officials and solar professionals precisely size the required solar installation for any kind of healthcare facility depending on the medical equipment available and used
  • present the new approach of international aid agencies to speed up healthcare electrification by adapting to and aligning with the needs of private solar companies across the continent

During this webinar you will get great insights from the following panelists:

This event will be of particular interest to:

  • Government officials in charge of healthcare
  • Health practicians
  • Aid agencies
  • African solar installers and developers