Solar e-waste management innovations in sub-Saharan Africa

Released on 26 May 2020

The global market for off-grid solar technologies is growing rapidly. Investments in e-waste management are needed now to ensure that the sector grows sustainably and remains a leader in environmental responsibility. Off-grid industry leaders are exploring e-waste management solutions, such as product repair initiatives and preventative maintenance, as well as the role of waste reduction in the initial product design stage.

In this report you can expect to learn about initiatives that:
• Streamline and integrate take-back & collection into company business models
• Facilitate product refurbishment, reuse, or repurposing
• Create partnerships with the informal sector
• Enhance consumer awareness around proper e-waste disposal
• Develop second-life battery initiatives
• Extend product and/or component lifespan; and
• Enhance product reparability and recyclability