Small things that make a difference on your solar project

When planning a solar project, we all know how to think about PV panels, inverters and batteries. But there are many more elements that compose solar projects and which are often overlooked or not considered important.

When planning for a 25-year infrastructure project, all details and all components are however important if you wish for a smooth solar journey. In this webinar, we will shed light on the elements of solar projects which are often overlooked or totally forgotten, and yet which could make or break your project.

Join our speakers to learn more about:

  • How the quality of DC and AC combiners is crucial for long-lasting solar projects while they represent only 2-3% of the overall project cost
  • How IoT and remote monitoring is playing an increasingly important role in preventive maintenance and asset management of your solar projects
  • The differences between mounting structures quality and the impact this may have in a 25-year period

During this webinar you will get great insights from the following panelists:

  • Rajesh Rajan – Managing Director at Hensel Electric
  • Edirin Aghoghovbia – Head of Business Development at AMMP Technologies
  • Akram Abdelwhab – Group Technical Manager at British Approvals Service for Cables(BASEC)