Optimize your solar ROI and guarantee safety in the context of South Africa’s new 100MW threshold

The South African solar industry has experienced a crucial development a few weeks ago by having the legal capacity limit requiring a license moved from 1MW to 100MW. This has a monumental impact on the C&I segment, as many projects requiring more than 1MW of PV can now be developed without any fear of being stopped for licensing considerations.

As solar is increasingly gaining popularity in South Africa, a careful selection of equipment and planning is key to a successful project. Huawei Digital Power, a leader in driving the energy revolution by integrating digital and electronics technologies, is well-positioned to offer leading Smart PV solutions for utility-scale PV plants, commercial and industrial scenarios, and homes. Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution features optimal electricity cost, active safety and free maintenance, helping generate higher energy yields and maximize investment returns.

During the webinar you will learn about:

– Commercial &Industrial PV in South Africa: Embedded generation threshold to increase to 100MW, challenges and opportunities

– Huawei’s Commercial & Industrial Smart PV solution: active safety, higher yields, and free maintenance

– Huawei’s Smart PV solution for utility-scale PV plants