Hydrogen’s role in unlocking Africa’s untapped renewables

Hydrogen is increasingly recognized as a critical element in the global transition towards net-zero emissions, particularly due to its role in decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors and addressing energy security concerns amid global conflicts. Its potential extends to accelerating socio-economic development in regions like Africa. Green hydrogen, derived from renewable sources, serves to decarbonize various industries such as ammonia production, refining, maritime and aviation propulsion, steelmaking, and heavy-duty trucking. As an energy carrier, hydrogen enables the storage and long-distance transportation of clean energy, facilitating its distribution from resource-abundant regions to areas with high demand. Governments worldwide support hydrogen initiatives, with numerous strategies and incentives in place. The private sector is also heavily investing in hydrogen projects, anticipating a significant increase in demand by 2050 as countries strive to achieve their net-zero commitments.

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