Debunking Myths about lead-acid batteries


Storage is increasingly becoming the hot topic when talking about solar projects in Africa as there is a growing interaction between the two technologies.

Lithium-ion solutions have been very popular over the past 24 months, as they are presented with many advantages compared to the historical lead-acid.

But lead-acid also offer great interest, especially if this type of batteries is properly being sized and maintained.  project developers, installers and end-users of solar systems should take a new look at this traditional storage technology to understand the real pros and cons before committing to one technology or the other.

In this online event we will host Ashish Saxena, GM of Eastman Auto & Power. The company is one of India’s leading manufacturers of lead-acid batteries and with a long track record across Africa.

Ashish will remind us the basic concepts behind lead-acid storage, but also give us a refresher about best practices with such technology to ensure long life and proper performance.

This event will be of particular interest to:

  •  African solar installers and developers
  • Government personnel in charge of energy and infrastructure
  • Purchasing managers
  • Individuals considering solar for their own premises