AFSIA webinar – Sun meets Water

Even more than access to electricity, access to (drinkable) water can be a challenge across Africa. Luckily, more and more ingenious technology is being developed to use existing water resources for irrigation or for human consumption.

These technologies are inextricably linked to solar as this often is the only way to power them.

In this webinar we will learn about solutions combining solar energy and water and changing the lives of millions across Africa.

During this webinar we will address

  • How Genius Watter manages to deliver drinkable water in the most extreme environments thanks to solar energy
  • How Aptech Africa plans to impact the agricultural output of Uganda by making irrigation affordable through its solar-powered PAY-N-PUMP solution for small-scale farmers
  • Why solar is the most economical choice when it comes to irrigation and how investors such as InfraCo Africa are supporting developers to offer pre-financed solar irrigation solutions
  • How floating solar could be a real game-changer in the African large-scale solar projects industry and legal and contractual aspects need to be considered for such projects


You may download the full presentation below or listen to the webinar again through our YouTube channel.

A big thank you to our speakers:

Franco Traverso – Genius Watter

Laura Corcoran – Aptech Africa

Kamar Mehdi – InfraCo Africa

Michel Chatelin – Eversheds-Sutherland