AFSIA webinar – Innovative financing for African solar

Financing can make or break a solar opportunity and it is key to have knowledge of and access to the appropriate sources of financing to be successful in this industry.

But some companies are more creative than others and have pushed the thinking of novel financing approaches for different segments of the solar industry.

In this webinar which took place on 26 January 2021, we shed light on the innovative financing approaches of some of the most successful solar companies in Africa. Our 2 guest companies are truly different in the way they address financing of their respective business activities and this is probably one key element of their ongoing success.

During this webinar we addressed

  • The impact of carbon credits to finance the pico-solar industry (Namene Solar)
  • How crowdfunding and block-chain technology can combine to create one of the most powerful C&I financing mechanism in South Africa (The Sun Exchange)


You may download the full presentation below or listen to the webinar again through our YouTube channel.

A big thank you to our speakers:

Bernardo Lazo – Namene Solar

Saul Wainwright – The Sun Exchange