AFSIA e-conference Storage 2022

Solar energy and storage are growingly interlinked in the African context. Thanks to technological improvements and a sharp reduction in prices, the combination of both solutions are now getting more and more interest from individuals and companies looking for cheap and reliable electricity throughout the continent.

Energy storage solutions are evolving fast and it is sometimes difficult to keep track with all latest developments in this exciting industry. This e-conference aims at bringing together the best experts of the industry to provide a full overview of the latest updates on energy storage. It will also offer an opportunity to showcase their most innovative solutions and projects, so stakeholders from all over Africa will learn what solutions are available and deliver results, even in the most demanding environments.

Storage solutions come in many different shapes and applications. A lot of focus has been put on lithium technology in recent years, but the storage industry encompasses much more than lithium, each technology with its pros and cons depending on the specific situation and the specific end-user need.

AFSIA’s most recent e-conference attracted more than 2,000 registrants from Africa and the world. This virtual event is expected to be similarly successful as many individuals and companies across the continent are eager to increase their knowledge about the most recent possibilities of storage, about how it can help them in their day-to-day lives and discover who are the leading companies providing these solutions.