Africa Energy Start-Ups Series: Productive Use

The “Africa Energy Start-Ups Series” is a collaboration between AFSIA and Start-Up | Energy which features innovative African start-ups every 2 months on a multitude of topics such as e-mobility, storage, fintech, and productive use to cite a few. The spirit of this series is to promote African start-ups, for Africans by Africans and to present how innovative they are to potential partners and investors coming from the rest of the world.

This 3rd event of the series will focus on PUE (productive use of electricity) applications. PUE is a global term for all solutions that are enabled thanks to solar electricity and allow for a revenue-generating use of solar energy. Popular PUE is solar-powered irrigation and pumping systems, egg incubators, and fishing lights to name a few.

In this webinar, we will put the spotlight on some less-known PUE applications which are:

  • Solar cold rooms for meat
  • Solar-powered milk-chilling transport systems
  • Solar-powered street food carts